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M2VP accomplishes complete scavenging of GSH in less than one minute. All other methods systematically overestimate GSSG concentrations. Before you measure GSSG, be sure you have M2VP.

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The key to success with our assays and reagents is understanding the necessary sample type , sample storage, sample preparation, the assays or reagents themselves, and finally data interpretation.  The technical support team has years of extensive experience with our assays and reagents.  There are a number of resources you can use if you have any questions.

Source 1.  Each individual kit has its own product data sheet and product insert available on this website.  Many of the kits have separate Product FAQ sheets.

Source 2.  Product References.  Our website has a list of published papers on general and specific topics relating to each product.

Source 3.  Product Citatation Library.  Our Citations Library is a searchable database that serves as an introduction to publications that reference our products, and allows one to search by marker or assay for specific species, sample types, applications, etc.

Source 4.  Please feel free to call us at any time for technical support at 650-212-2568. Voicemails for technical support are generally answered within 24 hours. If the inquiry is more urgent, please contact a Sales Specialist.

Source 5.  Please feel free to e-mail us at techsupport@percipiobio.com anytime.