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M2VP accomplishes complete scavenging of GSH in less than one minute. All other methods systematically overestimate GSSG concentrations. Before you measure GSSG, be sure you have M2VP.

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OxisResearch® Product Overview

Stevia First Corp. (DBA Percipio Biosciences) is a premier source for state of the art research products targeting biomarkers of Oxidative Stress. At the heart of the OxisResearch® product line are the Bioxytech® assay kits. These products simplify the testing of Oxidative, Antioxidant, Nitrosative and Inflammatory Biomarkers thought to play a central role in many human diseases including Cancer, Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, Stroke, Alzheimer’s, MS and ALS, and others.

Percipio now has more products for testing of endogenous antioxidants (e.g. SOD, Catalase, GSH and GSH related enzymes) than any other company worldwide. The line of oxidative biomarker test kits includes assays for lipid, protein and DNA determinants of oxidative mediated damage. Researchers in academic, government, and industry research laboratories regularly use the products for their oxidative stress related testing needs. To assist our customers with sample preparation and as a general research tool, selected citations are available for most products after their first year of sales.

In addition to the Bioxytech® kits, Percipio also supplies antibodies, enzymes and other specialty products allowing IHC, Western Blotting and HPLC analysis of other key biomarkers.

We recognize the significant amount of work being done relating antioxidant status to biological wellness and disease and are committed to bringing new technologies to the marketplace in order to keep pace with the needs of researchers in this important area.