Frequently Asked Questions for BIOXYTECH®
Catalog Number: 21024

How long does the test take to perform?
Preparation: 5 minutes Incubation Time: 30 minutes

What is the sensitivity of the H202-560 method?

What samples can be tested for Hydrogen Peroxide?
Aqueous solutions such as lab detergents and reagents. Please refer to the product insert for possible interfering substances.

How are samples prepared prior to testing?
Turbid samples may require centrifugation to remove turbidity or particulates.

What concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide can be found in various samples?

What is the stability of the assay reaction?
4-6 hours

Is a calibrator needed to perform the test?
Yes. Calibrators are made up with a stock hydrogen peroxide solution, which is not provided in the kit.

What is the shelf life of the H202-560 kit?
One year from the date of manufacture when stored refrigerated.

How is Hydrogen Peroxide calculated in the procedure?
It is a simple, one step colorimetric measurement read off the standard curve.

What are the advantages of the H202-560 method?
Simple protocol, reagents are ready-to-use.

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