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M2VP accomplishes complete scavenging of GSH in less than one minute. All other methods systematically overestimate GSSG concentrations. Before you measure GSSG, be sure you have M2VP.

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Frequently Asked Questions for BIOXYTECH®
Nitric Oxide (Enzymatic)
Catalog Number: 22110
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How long does the test take to perform?
Procedure: 20 minutes Standard Preparation: 15 minutes

What is the sensitivity of the NO Assay method?

What samples can be tested for Total Nitrite?
Protein free culture media, urine, plasma samples, tissue, cells, lysate.

How are samples prepared prior to testing?
The protein must be removed from the samples prior to testing due to interference with the Greiss reagent.

What concentrations of Total Nitrite can be found in various samples?

What is the stability of the assay reaction?
20 minutes

What control is needed to perform the test?
Potassium nitrite (KNO3) is included in the kit as a standard.

What is the shelf life of the NO Assay kit?
1 year from the date of manufacture when nitrate reductase is stored frozen. All other components are stored refrigerated.

How is Total Nitrite calculated in the procedure?
Average the absorbance values for each pair of duplicate wells. Subtract the average absorbance value of the blank wells (So) from all other pairs of wells. Plot a standard curve using the net average absorbance value for each standard value versus the concentration of standard. The plot does not need to be linear. Determine the concentration of each unknown by interpolation from the standard curve. Multiply the concentration of the unknown found in the assay by its dilution factor (dilution factor = 200/vol. of sample) to obtain the concentration in the original sample.

What are the advantages of the NO Assay method vs. the NO Non-enzymatic method?
Samples can generally be run start to finish in I hour. It is best used when working with a large number of samples and when appropriate controls are ran simultaneously, such as when assaying for a change relative to a baseline. Smaller sample size is needed (5

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