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M2VP accomplishes complete scavenging of GSH in less than one minute. All other methods systematically overestimate GSSG concentrations. Before you measure GSSG, be sure you have M2VP.

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Frequently Asked Questions for BIOXYTECH®
Glutathione Reductase
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What samples can be tested for Glutathione Reductase?
Purified enzymes or clear supernates from cellular lysate or tissue homogenate.

How are samples prepared prior to testing?
Purified GR activity can be measured without additional sample preparation following an appropriate dilution in GR-340 assay diluent or similar buffer. It is highly recommended that the buffer contain 1 mM EDTA and a suitable carrier protein, such as 1 mg/mL bovine serum albumin, to prevent loss of enzyme activity. Erythrocyte GR activity is determined from erythrocyte lysates. Collect blood in EDTA or heparin, as an anticoagulant. Following removal of the plasma and buffy coat, wash the erythrocytes twice in cold saline. Lyse the cells in four packed-cell volumes of cold deionized water and centrifuge (e.g., 8500 x g for 10 minutes at 2-8

What concentrations of GR-340 can be found in various samples?
0.8 - 10.0 mU/mL (final concentration of the assay)

What is the stability of the assay reaction?
The assay requires kinetic measurement to yield a rate.

What control is needed to perform the test?

What is the shelf life of the GR-340 kit?
9 months from date of manufacture when stored refrigerated.

How is GR-340 calculated in the procedure?
Calculate the rate of decrease in the A340 per minute by either: Averaging the AA340/ At where A t=time interval in minutes, Performing linear regression of the A340 as a function of time, or Calculating automatically on a recording spectrophotometer Calculate the net rate for a sample by subtracting the rate obtained for the Blank (K * PO4 used instead of GSSG). The concentration of GR is expressed in units of activity, One GR unit will reduce one

What are the advantages of the GR-340 method?
Simple, easy to use protocol. With the exception of the control, all reagents necessary to run the assay are provided in the kit.

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